The Currency Exchange



"The Currency Exchange" - has existed since 2010 when The Currency Exchange became an independent chain after having been a franchise of Travelex for 5 years.The Currency Exchange has eliminated fees for their customers wherever possible and regularly check their rates to maintain competitive pricing whilst also keeping the largest range of stock on hand in each of their local markets.

The Currency Exchange has two bricks and Mortar locations, Brookvale and Wollongong,  


The Currency Exchange needed to support all their customers, or prospective customers, where ever they are or are going to be.

A simple easy to use cloud-based access enabling visitors to check the current rates of the currencies, recharge their cash passports, order money online, everyday of the year.


The staff of the currency exchnagge are skilled in currency handling, not,  IT. The solution is based on Druapl CMS and easy to use WYSIWYG editor that makes updating information in pages like editing a letter on a computer. The Currency calculator is updated from the Point of Sales System used in the stores, reducing errors. The E-Commerce Solution gets the rates from the calculator system built in.  Customers are automatically emailed assistance in recharging their cash passports on line.


A simple easy to use web site where visitors can check the current rates of the currencies using the calculator. Currency Exchnage customers are able to recharge their cash passports, order money on line, 24-7-365.  Staff are able to update rates any time during the day. Some days many times a day. The Currency Exchange is now able to provide customer service where ever in the world their customers are.