Faculty of Engineering UNSW



The Faculty of Engineering of the University of New South Wales, is the largest engineering faculty in Australia.


This was a significant project which encompassed 9 schools of engineering, the faculty site, plus a test site and technology transfer.

The Faculty of Engineering assisted by Didymo rollout out a new web design and CMS to its Schools. Consistency across the Faculty and Schools Sites with limited visual customisations was a goal. FarCry, the platform the faculty site was initially built on is not considered suitable for the roll out across the 9 schools and in the interest of future collaboration across the University and the University moving towards having more common platforms, Drupal has been identified as the best candidate.


Didymo worked with the Faculty staff to build a framework suitable to deploy across all the Schools of the Faculty and the Faculty site itself. Options were produced on the "look and feel" of the sites with common functionality across the solution. Further a test site and support solutions were consulted upon along with working with the Didymo Designs Team who coordinated with Central IT of the University to enable central authentication of the Faculty Staff to the University 16,000 strong staff authentication system.

Didymo successfully worked with the Faculty of Engineering Web Team to deliver a new Drupal framework so the Schools and the Faculty could minimise the workload of staff to update their websites.

Governance issues were implemented with a workflow-sign off system integrated into the sites where appropriate.

The workflow was automated where possible to reduce the workload on staff.  This improved the corporate look and feel fo the site with all the images of a consistent size when viewed, and they can also be viewed as a "full view". 


The Faculty has been so impressed by the framework not only has it been deployed to all but one School and the Faculty but also several Units of the Faculty has utilised the same framework. This says a lot for the soundness of the solution in this environment.

The knowledge transfer allowed the Faculty to alter the look and feel of the sites after launch. The Faculty has upgraded the original Drupal Sites to Drupal 7.