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Gundam is an internationally successful product range based on a very successful series of anime. Australian customers and retailers have access to strong multi-channel support provided by the domestic importers of Gundam products. This project was provided an opportunity to strengthen online support and community.


Forums allow retailers and customers to communicate and create an online community focused on their enthusiasm for Gundam. We were tasked to provide a forum facility to suit the needs of the Australian Gundam community, both retailers of Gundam and customers.


We built a forum where end customers of the product could get help, support and show off their own versions of the product. The forums allowed customers to provide feedback to retailers, and the importer, allowing the importer-retailers to better respond to market needs.


As the customers now have a place on the web to share ideas, experiences and gain assistance it is an ideal location to showcase the Australian based retailers.

It is the creation of such ecosystems online customers may be supported, retail customers supported and feedback from customers enables the manufacturers to react quickly to market demand.

This project marked the beginning of an expanded and successful online social strategy and after many years of operation the forum migrated to Facebook.