Member Management

Hobbyco is one of the three largest hobby businesses in Australia. Hobbyco was established in 1935. Hobbyco provides a generous mix of modern and traditional products. These products include a wide variety of hobbies from their over 190 000 stock items.


As one of the oldest and largest hobby retailers in Australia, over Christmas, Hobbyco processes hundreds of orders per day from thousands of visitors. Hobbyco members enjoy discounts and special deals. In order to reduce staff costs, the site was linked with stock control and order processing was automated where possible. High priority was given to search engine optimisation as the hobby market is a competitive market.  Equally, with a huge range importance was given to customers being able to find items quickly. The E-Commerce - Member Mangement system had to complement the traditional stores with which customers are so familiar.


The site needs to be mobile friendly to take advantage of potential sales after the delivery cut off for Christmas. Sales in store also confirmed this trend. The site is optimised to allow customers to find what they are looking for quickly. Integration with the stock control system keeps staff time to a minimum.

By installing advanced search sales were enhanced by having age groupings and price ranges in product groupings. 


Site sales have increased. Google analytics indicates visitors visitor more pages in a shorter time than the old site. Customer feedback has been positive.

Staffing costs have been reduced by automating business requirements. Staff are extremely happy.