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Member Management

Hunter Primary Care (HPC) is a not for profit organisation whose members are primary health clinicians. HPC partners with health care providers to keep people well and out of a hospital.
Partners in Recovery (PIR) is a national mental health initiative aiming to facilitate the recovery of people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs, in the Hunter this is managed by HPC. PIR also recognises the needs of carers and families and their role in the Recovery Journey.


HPC needs to gather information from participants in the PIR programme. This information is of a personal nature and must be handled using Australian Privacy Legislation requirements.


A significant proportion of PIR participants were found to own and use smartphones. The smartphones were used as a convenient tool to collect the information. Collected information is not identifiable until the information is moved to HPC systems.


The HPC staff reported they found their administrative interface easy to use and reported positive feedback from the PIR participants.  An indication of the positive reception to the solution was the speed at which the information was gathered, replies were recorded within minutes of the request being sent to participants.