PROMPT-Care Project


With some of the highest cancer survival rates in the world, the number of people living with cancer represents approximately 3.5% of Australians. A movement toward care for the patient as a whole is gaining acceptance; acknowledging that cancer presents not only physical but also emotional, social, spiritual and practical challenges for patients and their families.
The PROMPT-Care project is funded by the Cancer Institute NSW & Bupa Health Foundation and is a collaborative project between SWSLHD and ISLHD researchers and clinicians.


Building on the experience of past ePRO attempts and on a proof of concept built at the Wollongong Hospital Oncology Unit.. This project set out to develop and implement an integrated eHealth platform to support and enable cancer survivors to achieve and maintain improved health and wellbeing and better cancer outcomes. Comply with Governance and Security requirements of Cancer Institute NSW and NSW Department of Health.


We split the system into two parts, one which was easy to use for the staff and one that would allow us to stay compliant with security and governance requirements.  We provided staff with tools that they were already familiar with and this helped speed along the adoption process. The administration part is inside the Dept of Health secure area and is used to manage the transfer of information to the Doctors.


Patients reported they found the tool encouraged them to report issues to the Doctor which they had previously neglected to report. Staff were very happy with this feedback and used the information from these positive patient comments to refine the system. As the system matured, clinical staff were able to evolve the forms as they developed experience working with patients using the system.