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Scholz Industries has been serving the Electrical and Air Conditioning trade industries for over 15 years. Scholz Industries is a young dynamic business, which is 100% Australian owned. Scholz Industries supply product to the Electrical Distributors and Electrical and Air Conditioning contractors.


Members of Scholz's large mobile sales team did not always have the deep technical knowledge to answer questions from prospective and current customers. An online mobile-friendly tool was required to allow remote salesmen to query experts from the field and over time build a body of knowledge from their questions and answers.

This project had an extremely tight deadline.


Didymo implemented a forum that collects and archives files as well as responses to questions that any team member may search. Any Scholz staff member is able to make use of the tool from the office or on the road. This allows mobile salesmen to handle enquiries across multiple divisions without the need to transfer the customer from phone to phone during an enquiry.


One of the biggest benefits of this tool is its integration with the sales force on the road. The Sales Team can control, edit, add and respond to enquiries through email and check online later for the archive if they need.  We integrated the system with the Scholz Industries marketing calendar to enable anyone in the company to get all of the upcoming activities and information from the one location.

This project was completed in 9 days from concept to integration.

Staff frustration was reduced by facilitating timely communication, and accessible FAQ-Knowledge repository. This tool reduced time taken to respond to customer enquiries.