School of Information Systems and Technology, University of Wollongong


The School of Information Systems and Technology is one of Australia's leading teaching and research centres for building, deploying and managing information technology in businesses, government and non-profit sectors of the economy.


Rush time for the university was fast approaching but not all schools were as rushed as others. Several months ago we had built an extremely popular tool for the sister school of the School of Information Systems and Technology (We wrote about it here!) and SISAT decided that they too wanted a relief from the beginning of session stress.
Our Subject Outline tool met the shared requirements of the sister schools, however we quickly found that there were quite a few differences between the schools. The School of Information Systems and Technology had vastly different workflows, and staff needs could be better serviced with a few important changes to the tool.


The schools were quite similar and this allowed us to customise the Subject Outline tool rather than start from scratch. We built the new workflow requirements into the tool and the staff's enthusiasm to get involved ensured that the customisation of the tool fit their unique needs.


Members of the school found the system easy to use. In fact, during one of our maintenance visits we had a heartwarming moment when our project manager was presented with a series of printed emails from staff congratulating the Head of School on the Subject Outline tool that she had worked with us to build.