School Software Engineering UoW


The School of Software Engineering at the University of Wollongong is very active in research, with a number of internationally recognised research groups working on various fields in Computer Science and Software Engineering. 

The School of Software Engineering has about 20 academic staff who do the teaching and research. 


Rush periods occur for any business or organisation. In the school of software engineering, while the students enjoy their time off, staff are busily preparing for the next session. Administrators and professors alike are handling far more work than usual and any improvement is a better night's sleep. One of the most time consuming and involved tasks is the creation of Subject Outlines. This was handled by emailing word documents between staff members, School administration and management staff. 
Modernisation of this creation process required a tool where tasks carried out by staff changed depending on the staff role and the stage of the document in the creation-approval process. The system needed to be widely accessible to allow staff to work on outlines while travelling to international commitments. An online solution was seen to be a better way to complete this task.


With so many people involved in the creation of these documents, we knew the workflow was going to be complex and as a result, we asked the experts. Staff from different areas of the school, administrative, academic and management knew exactly what could be made better and we worked with them to create a tool that fixed their problems. Involving the staff early not only lead to a tool better suited to the needs of the staff but also assisted in the change management process. Ultimately, we designed a tool that ensure that people can get in and do their work fast, from any location and at any time.


Members of the school found the system easy to use.

We found ourselves contacted several months later by  the School of Information Systems and Computer Science. The news of the improvement had travelled to their School and they wanted a version of their own. (link)