SolarSpec is a business established specifically to support the individual electrical contractors installing solar and to allow them to better compete with the large mass marketing companies offering solar packages.

SolarSpec Pty Ltd is a division of the Scholz Industries, an Australian owned and operated group of companies that has been serving the electrical and air conditioning trades for more than 15 years.


A national system allowing contractors to set aside stock and complete government information management requirements 24-7 while reducing staff requirements on SolarSpec was needed.

In 2011 solar was booming and Electrical Wholesalers were regularly out of stock. Solarspec wanted to relieve the stress on small electrical contractors by enabling the contractor to reserve stock held by Solarspec.

We worked with SolarSpec to create the design spec. SolarSpec came to us with a list of ideas of what SolarSpec wanted to do, some of these concepts SolarSpec weren’t even sure were possible. The SolarSpec website is more than just a marketing tool, it’s a way to integrate Solarspec customers into the SolarSpec business.

Solarspec sells products to wholesalers who then sell to contractors who on-sell again to homeowners. All of these categories have different levels of access to the site.

  1. SolarSpec wholesale partners can log-in to get pricing files and technical documents as well as see the current trading price.
  2. Contractors can log in and create their own personalised stationery and promotional flyers which assist them in selling Solarspec product. They can also lodge government claims with SolarSpec which SolarSpec fund back to them.
  3. The consumer side of the site is the more basic version which just has general information and technical data.
  4. The SolarSpec staff can log in and see other updates and add content to each of the different categories.


We integrated the system with a marketing solution that allows to target all registered users, categories and even down to particular states or postcodes with promotions, newsletters and industry bulletins. The system was implemented with staff ease of use in mind.

During the development of the system Solarspec was able to identify new requirements and we were able to contribute suggestions as well. Solarspec ended up with an evolution of their initial idea as Solarspec realised the capabilities of the system developed.

Different aspects of the web application were rolled out in stages over 6 months to coordinate with SolarSpec's development of new internal systems that would support the online project.


Staff, management and the electricians and wholesalers which are Solarspec's ultimate target audience had been very happy with the solution provided. 

The site was developed with the possibilities of changing government regulations and Solarspec eventually took full ownership by taking the site in-house for ongoing development.