UNSW Faculty of Science




The Faculty of Science consists of nine Schools: Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Biotechnology and Molecular Sciences; Chemistry; Materials Science and Engineering; Mathematics and Statistics; Optometry and Vision Science; Physics; Psychology and Aviation. Faculty resources include the UNSW Analytical Centre, field research stations at Cowan, Smiths Lake and Fowlers Gap, and we are partners in the beautiful Sydney Institute of Marine Science site on Sydney Harbour at Chowder Bay.

This is a roughly $130M business unit.


The Science Faculty had used a closed source content management system. The complexity of this content management system meant the web site had to be hosted with the vendor. This system had worked well in the past, however required an IT consultant to complete even minimal changes.

The event handling booking system had to be external to the site. The faculty required a complex event handling system where the information gathered for each event could be altered by non-technical staff, along with automatic emailing to attendees, etc. The ability of non technical staf fto update content on the rest of the site, 


Following a due diligence process, Didymo Designs were slected to provide a solution to this situation.

Didymo assessed the requirements of the Faculty and the ability of the non-technical staff as they needed to update the site.  By basing the solution on Drupal allowed Faculty IT staff to support the Content Mangement System, and Faculty Marketing Staff were able to manage the events management system to do complex analysis of the events and review after each event. 

Didymo enabled various enquiry types to be automatically tracked which allowed different staff be assigned to the enquiries, via auto loading into the CRM system, also delivered by Didymo. Didymo simplified the website mechanics to allow staff to use their Univeristy wide ID to login for UNSW authentication. A spelling and correction mechanism was also implemented into the search function.


The Drupal based solution catered for the evolving Faculty needs. The reinvented search function, based on Solr, not only auto correct spelling mistakes, provides suggestions, allows vistors to use faceted search, but also enables the search to be altered as visitor data grows.

Ease of use meant the Faculty staff can use the system comfortably. Different information is able to be gathered by the marketing team for each event held by the Faculty for later analysis. The system can track the different kinds of enquiries received, and this function was put to good use as statistics from this allows the Faculty to adapt to the market accordingly. The faculty was so happy with the solution that they even handle event booking for some of the other schools in the faulty. 

Information from each of the parts of the Faculty (schools, Research Labs, etal) is able to be agreegated in the site efficiently.

As time has passed this solution was able to be updated and modified, demostrating the required daptability of the installed system.