UNSW Parabola


PARABOLA incorporating FUNCTION is published by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) in association with the School of Mathematics & Statistics, University of New South Wales. AMT is a not-for-profit organisation that administers mathematical enrichment activities for Australian and international students and publishes materials on mathematical enrichment.

For a brief history of PARABOLA see Vol 41 No 1 Editorial and view the first issue of Parabola published in July 1964.

The journal's readership consists of mathematics students, teachers and researchers with interests in promoting excellence in senior secondary school mathematics education. Contributions to the journal are invited as scholarly articles, reviews and problems subject to approval by the editors and editorial board.


Online magazine, journal, publishing solution catering for the accurate representation of complex mathematical symbols. Parabola has been active since 1964, meaning that digital distribution is a transition that was made many years into the publication's lifetime. Their website offered all issues available from 1964 - 2009 as a PDF or as a HTML page using LaTeX,  The new site had to allow all the current material to be moved over time, with automatic grouping of this material so staff work load was minimised.

The look and feel needed to comply with UNSW Branding, dispensation was granted to be a "UNSW Micro Site", which allowed more freedom. The look and feel had to appeal to a "younger" audience.


It was important that Maths Symbols were shown accurately to assist students wanting to participate and learn from Parabola.

The solution chosen was to use PDF's for each of the articles of an edition. This allowed the school to create print ready issues with the Maths Symbols accurately shown. This also gives good SEO with the appropriate terms used to good effect to be collected by search engines like Google.

The Drupal system had to be able to be hosted on the Faculty of Science Servers.


The school has an easy to use, ease to maintain, visually exciting and inviting on line publishing suite builtto suit their unique needs and audience.