UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences


Research in BABS ranges from human bacterial pathogens, hepatitis viruses, tissue engineering, cancer, cell biology, genetics and bioinformatics to functional genomics and extremophiles. Staff at BABS have an international reputation for research and have established collaborative links with industry and other research institutions in Australia and overseas.


The old web site had been built using a difficult to use Content Management System. This provided a challenge for the staff to keep the information on the site up to date.

BABS has a small team of administrative personel who have many day to day tasks as well as maintaining the web site, the ability to keep site up to date while using minimum staff time was a requriemnt.


Therefore Didymo had to redevelop the site with these constraints, as well as meeting the different needs and priorities of a wide variety of stakeholders. All these challenges were met by utilising Drupal. With this system, BABS staff are able to post content, and make content updates using a simple, clear and intuitive interface that does not require training to use. At the same time Drupal allows the skilled web staff of UNSW Faculty of Science to extend and modify the system to the ever changing needs of the school. Didymo Designs was able to handle some very complex requirements without needing to do custom development, a critical feature on a limited budget.
The second phase, the look and feel was brought up to UNSW branding requirements, however the site was not to "look dramatically different", the school wanted people to feel "familiar' when they visited the rebranded site.


The school is extrmenly happy with the new ystem. A single staff member takes care of most of the updates to the site easily. Both phases went very well, on budget and on time.