UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics



With an enrolment of more than 50,000 students, UNSW is one of Australia's largest universities.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics (School of Maths and Stats) has more than 60 academic staff and postdoctoral fellows, with over 3000 students is larger than most University Faculties.

Over the past thirty years, the School of Mathematics and Statistics has graduated hundreds research students, many of whom have gone on to distinguished careers in Australia and throughout the Asian region


The School of Maths and Stats online needs had grown as a consequence the limitations of the current web system had begun to limit the online activities of the School.

In particular, the School wanted to allow staff in different areas of the School to have more or less freedom to make changes depending on their role. The solution had to be easy to use without extensive training.


Drupal is a highly reliable and flexible tool for websites having a function. Drupal is now the preferred solution for the Commonwealth of Australia. The particular needs of the School were implemented to allow simplicity, requiring less training, with automation, requiring less staff time. A specialist search facility was implemented to work with the Drupal. SEO was built into the way Drupal managed pages, saving staff time. Simple forms allowed different staff to carry out their different needs in a simple way.


By using a flexible CMS, in this case, Drupal, a permission system fitting the requirements of the School of Mathematics and Statistics was developed. Using a "form-based" user experience allowed the system to be intuitive. Linking to Apache Solr allowed a sophisticated search facility executed in a simple way.


The School has had very positive feed back from staff and users of the site. The needs of the School were addressed. The School invited Didymo designs to carry out more work. This Project led to the Science Faculty Project.