UNSW School of Optometry


The School of Optometry and Vision Science of the University of New South Wales graduates 40% of the new optometrists in Australia making it the largest Australian School.

The School of Optometry and Vision Science is a small School, teaching is supported by the groundbreaking research of the academics.


The School of Optometry and Vision Science operated a web site that was considered difficult to use, this discouraged contributions from administrative staff and as a consequence the School Web Site had become out of date.As a University of New South Wales website, the School of Optometry is subject to new branding guidelines. The old site failed to comply, as it was developed well before the guidelines were released.

There were no funds for a dedicated web team to maintain a site. The School required a site that worked for a small budget, both for the inital development and for ongoing maintenance. As there were no IT staff in the School, Didymo also made the site easy enough to allow untrained users to create and update the website. 

The Eye clinic of the School had to be promoted via the site.

The School Orange was to be a feature and comply with UNSW branding guidelines.


Some of the ease of use was achieved by automating time-consuming projects like creating lists of content, and also simplifying the process of content creators choosing their target audience.  

Apart from the general audience of a University site, the site must cater to various types of visitors with different expectations on what the site should provide them. This includes current and prospective students, academics, members of industry, media, prospective investors and members of the general public looking for services. While it was a school of the UNSW, at the same time the site had a look and feel that differentiated it from other UNSW sites with extensive use of the school's branding colour and lots of images.


The School has been very happy with a system easy to use and keep up to date. The Clinic is high lighted but does not detract from the other areas of the school.