World Wide Day in Science

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The "Day in Science" is showing school students where they can go in science, anywhere in the world, from Paris to the Antarctic, from KEK to Brookhaven, from a school desk to the editor's desk.
The "Day in Science" gathers hundreds of stories each year. They come from high school students, a Nobel prize winner, microbiologists, particle physicists, criminal investigators, psychologists, teachers, astronomers, dentists, laboratory technicians, archaeologists, and science communicators.
Stories are assembled here each year by a team of dedicated university students in science and science communication. As an amateur effort, quality varies, but enthusiasm and authenticity remain high.
The "Day in Science" covers just the one day each year, a typical day or an extraordinary day. Chasing lizards, tracking stars, refining an article, shepherding schoolchildren, cleaning boots, tidying up a mailing list, making a discovery ...


Provide web-based software to allow connection from anywhere in the world, which is able to cope with a large number of stories being added in a short time. The tool also had to be simple to use and easy for students to navigate.


A custom written web-based program allowed access from around the world. The system semi-automated the submission tasks, this allowed the authors to focus on composition. Searching was simplified to questions so young children could participate. The look of the site was made inviting to children.


 The system was able to make science personal. The system welcomed readers and viewers into science, into the life of science, rather than merely offering scientific information.The system worked so well it was replicated each year for the 4 following years